Custom Web Results – Benefits of Blogging

Custom Web ResultsIn the age of social media the attention that business blogs used to have is diminishing. For businesses that have moved their core communications off of blogs and onto social media, you’re missing huge opportunities. Trading for the instant gratification and ease of tweeting and posting short pieces to Facebook with a picture of your latest product or special of the day.
Don’t misunderstand me, social media is a power house tool for marketing and can’t be ignored (in fact, it deserves a lot of attention), but blogging on a regular basis serves a wide array of purposes outside of what can be realized via social media.
Many of the benefits of blogging are specific to industries as well as focusing on various types of visitors and there user experience.

When blogs first hit the web in a real way they were a central mechanism for informing and communicating with one’s website visitors and customers. Businesses would blog their specials, new product updates, industry news, holidays and pretty much everything that had to do with their business.
In my next several post i will be discussing some helpful hints in building a blogging campaign.